Experience unparalleled luxury and service with Loon Limo – where attention to detail meets a commitment to integrity and reliability. Our fleet showcases high-quality leather seating for ultimate style and comfort. Tailored to your needs, our vans feature hardwood flooring for an elegant touch and a generous 7-foot head clearance for taller guests.

Your journey begins in a meticulously cleaned and sanitized vehicle, pre-set to your preferred temperature and audio settings. Stay refreshed with complimentary bottled water provided onboard. We understand the importance of staying connected, so all our vehicles are equipped with a variety of charging cords compatible with standard devices.

At Loon Limo, we go above and beyond to exceed your expectations, ensuring an extraordinary travel experience. We believe in making every journey enjoyable and are excited to be part of yours. Choose Loon Limo for a ride that combines style, comfort, and unparalleled service.

At Loon Limo, we prioritize transparent pricing, aiming to include all costs in your reservation details. However, we recognize that unexpected needs may arise. Whether you require child seats, are traveling with a furry friend, need Wi-Fi service, or desire extra services like meet and greet, special requests, or additional stops, we are here to assist.

Simply inform us at the time of booking, and we'll promptly provide you with an accurate estimate. Our commitment is to cater to your needs to the best of our ability, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience with all associated costs clearly outlined.

At Loon Limo, we take pride in delivering exceptional experiences for our valued clients. When choosing the perfect vehicle for your travel needs, we understand the importance of accommodating both passengers and luggage. Whether you're traveling with family, friends, or colleagues, our diverse fleet offers tailored options to meet your specific requirements.

For solo or couple travelers seeking comfort with minimal luggage, our sedan is an excellent choice. With a capacity for two passengers and room for three pieces of luggage in the trunk, it provides a comfortable and efficient ride. If your group expands to four individuals, our SUV is an optimal selection, offering ample space for eight pieces of luggage, ensuring a relaxing journey for everyone.

For larger groups, our transit van is an ideal option, accommodating up to 14 passengers and 18 pieces of luggage. Perfect for families or groups with heavier luggage or additional equipment, it provides a spacious and convenient travel solution. Our 20-pax and 24-pax limo buses offer a luxurious mode of transportation for corporate events, weddings, or large parties, accommodating 20 or 24 individuals along with their luggage.

Moreover, catering to even larger groups of up to 55 people, our motorcoach services come into play. The 40-pax motorcoach accommodates up to 80 pieces of luggage, offering plenty of overhead space and legroom. For the most extensive groups, our 55-pax motorcoach, the largest vehicle in our fleet, can hold up to 100 pieces of luggage, making it the perfect choice for large travel parties. Choose Loon Limo for a seamless and spacious travel experience.

We recognize the stress that comes with packing for a trip, and the concern about fitting everything into your transportation can heighten that anxiety. At Loon Limo, we prioritize a personalized and stress-free travel experience tailored to your unique needs. Our diverse fleet of vehicles offers various sizes and types, ensuring accommodation for any party size and luggage requirements.

Our user-friendly online booking form takes into account your estimated number of luggage pieces, recommending the perfect vehicle that comfortably fits all your essentials. It's crucial to be aware that each vehicle in our extensive selection has a carrying capacity limit. If you plan to bring unusually large items such as sporting equipment or musical instruments, we recommend reaching out to our agents for personalized assistance.

Give us a call, and our knowledgeable agents will guide you on the best-suited vehicle for your needs, ensuring that we transport you and your luggage seamlessly in a single, convenient trip. Trust Loon Limo to alleviate the stress of travel and provide a tailored solution for your journey.

At Loon Limo, we empathize with the challenges of traveling with children, particularly when it comes to transportation. To enhance the comfort and safety of your journey, we offer 5-point harness and booster seats for children upon request, available for a nominal additional fee.

Our committed chauffeurs take care of the installation process before your scheduled departure, ensuring the seat is securely fixed and ready for use. While we prioritize your safety, we encourage you to inspect and confirm the correct installation before embarking, providing an extra layer of reassurance and ensuring everything is in optimal order. Choose Loon Limo for a family-friendly travel experience that prioritizes safety and convenience.

At Loon Limo, we prioritize your ease and comfort throughout your travel experience. We understand the potential stress of locating your chauffeur upon arrival, and to alleviate this concern, we take proactive measures.

Receive a comprehensive email 24 hours before your scheduled departure, containing the name, phone number, and photo of your chauffeur, ensuring easy recognition and enhancing your sense of security. This preemptive communication eliminates any confusion or misunderstandings, allowing you to confidently identify your chauffeur.

Our trained chauffeurs are adept at proper identification and greetings, streamlining the pick-up process for your convenience. Opt-in for text notifications to receive your chauffeur's contact number, facilitating seamless communication. You'll also receive real-time updates on their location as they approach your scheduled departure time.

At Loon Limo, we strive to make your travel stress-free and convenient. By providing these detailed communications and options, we ensure you stay informed and can trust us to cater to your needs from start to finish. For any further inquiries or special requests, feel free to contact us. We're here to serve you with a smile.



When planning your upcoming trip, efficient organization of travel details is key, especially when booking transportation. Begin by seamlessly entering your information into our user-friendly online booking form. Capture essential details such as your desired trip date and time, pick-up and drop-off locations, flight details, group size (number of passengers), and luggage quantity.

Once your travel details are in, explore a variety of service types tailored to different travel needs. Opt for the "Airport Arrival" service if you're landing and need a ride to a local destination. Conversely, choose the "Airport Departure" service when heading to the airport, an opportune time to book your return trip. For direct point-to-point transportation, the "Point to Point" service is optimal, offering the flexibility to book a round trip for added convenience.

If your itinerary involves multiple destinations, consider the "Hourly" service, allowing you to direct your driver on the go or plan stops in advance during the booking process. After selecting your preferred vehicle and inputting travel details, review and finalize your booking. Returning customers can log in for an expedited process, while first-time users can quickly create an account through the Register Now link. Alternatively, continue as a guest and still enjoy the benefits of our top-notch service. Trust us to make your travel arrangements seamless and stress-free.

If the need arises to cancel or modify your reservation, it's important to note that our policy varies based on the nature of your booking. For hourly bookings, a non-refundable deposit is collected upon reservation. While we aim to accommodate changes and cancellations with maximum flexibility, please be aware that the deposit remains non-refundable.

Similarly, airport transfers entail a $20 non-refundable deposit upon reservation. To qualify for a refund on any remaining fees, kindly notify us of your cancellation at least 24 hours before the scheduled pickup time for sedans and SUVS. Our larger and speciality vehicles have different cancellation policies. Unfortunately, cancellations received with less than the minimum notice are subject to the full charge.

Our commitment to delivering a high standard of service persists even when faced with unexpected changes to travel plans. We value our clients and appreciate your cooperation and understanding of our policies, crucial for ensuring the availability of trained staff and well-maintained vehicles for all clients. If you have any questions or concerns about our cancellation policy, don't hesitate to reach out. Our knowledgeable representatives are here to assist you.

To ensure our clients access the most competitive pricing options, we present a diverse range of reservation types tailored to different travel durations. Optimal for swift and stress-free transportation without time constraints, our Airport and Point-to-Point reservations cater to those seeking efficient journeys.

For individuals requiring a more flexible service, our hourly options are available with a two-hour minimum, a four-hour minimum, or a 6-hour minimum depending on the reserved vehicle's size and event. This option is ideal for those with multiple stops or the need to traverse various destinations within a specific timeframe. With our hourly service, you secure a dedicated vehicle and driver throughout the entirety of your booking, providing convenience and reliability for your journey.

At Loon Limo, we recognize that travel plans can shift unexpectedly, often requiring a same-day ride. While our primary focus is on pre-arranged bookings, we have the capability to frequently accommodate last-minute requests, ensuring a safe and prompt journey to your destination. However, there are crucial factors to consider when seeking a same-day service.

Handling same-day requests demands heightened attention, potentially necessitating adjustments to vehicle and chauffeur schedules. To deliver the highest level of service in such situations, a 25% same-day service fee is applied to cover the additional resources required. Although we understand the potential inconvenience of this extra fee, it enables us to meet your transportation needs efficiently and effectively.

Our dedicated team is committed to providing a stress-free travel experience, even on short notice. For same-day requests, we recommend reaching out to our agents via phone rather than booking online. Our agents can address your inquiries, offer a quote for your trip, and collaborate with you to identify the best transportation option for your needs. Trust Loon Limo to deliver on-demand service with efficiency and excellence.

Absolutely! Our seasoned agents are here to streamline the booking process and offer tailored recommendations to align with your specific needs, ensuring your confidence in the decision. From helping you select the right vehicle type and size to incorporating extra amenities like Wi-Fi, we've got you covered.

It's important to note that there are additional considerations for lodging and daily per-diem for the chauffeur if your journey involves overnight stays out of town. These costs will be seamlessly added to your reservation, ensuring transparency and clarity in your travel arrangements.

We prioritize providing you with complete transparency in trip pricing and aim to make the booking process as clear as possible. Our online quoting tool serves as a valuable resource, offering an estimated cost based on your travel needs, though it may not represent the final price. Our user-friendly online booking form simplifies the process, helping you select the right vehicle for your party size and luggage.

Upon form submission, our adept reservation agents meticulously review your quote, ensuring accuracy and transparency in pricing. This thorough review eliminates surprises, guaranteeing that the final cost aligns with your expectations and enabling us to deliver the highest level of service.

Accurate pricing is paramount, reflecting the quality of our vehicles and expertly trained drivers to ensure your journey is comfortable and stress-free. With our competitive rates, you receive exceptional value for your money, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable trip without straining your budget.

Airport Services


At Loon Limo, we recognize the potential stress that accompanies travel, and our goal is to enhance the smoothness of your journey. To streamline your experience, we request your flight details during the booking process. By closely monitoring your flight, we can adapt our transportation schedule accordingly, alleviating the need for you to coordinate with us. It's one less concern for you to manage.

Acknowledging that unforeseen circumstances can arise, we understand that plans may not always unfold as expected. In the event of a flight cancellation, we are committed to working closely with you to adjust or cancel your ride as necessary. We recognize that such situations are beyond your control, and our aim is to support you by offering flexibility and ease during challenging times.

We recognize that flight changes can occur unexpectedly. In the event of such changes, it's crucial to inform us promptly to adjust your reservation accordingly. This proactive step helps us avoid unnecessary complications, ensuring a chauffeur is prepared and waiting for you at your updated arrival time.

Without timely notification of flight adjustments, we may remain unaware of changes to your plans. This lack of information could result in the unavailability of a vehicle or chauffeur, potentially leading to late change charges and inconvenience. To circumvent these issues, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us at the earliest opportunity, allowing us to swiftly make the necessary updates to your reservation and provide a seamless transportation experience.

At Loon Limo, we prioritize making your airport arrival effortlessly smooth. To cater to your convenience, we offer two distinct options. If you're familiar with the airport layout and don't need assistance, you can easily proceed to the designated limousine lot where your chauffeur awaits.

Alternatively, for first-time travelers or those with luggage concerns, we highly recommend our Meet and Greet service, available for a small additional fee. With this premium service, your chauffeur will be stationed in the baggage claim area, ready to greet you, assist with your bags, and escort you to your waiting ride. Optimize your airport arrival experience with Loon Limo's tailored services.

Effortlessly navigate your way from the gate to baggage claim by following the prominent signage. Descend a set of escalators or use the elevator to reach Level 1.

Upon securing your luggage at baggage claim, head towards the escalator adjacent to carousel 7, guiding you down to Level T.

Proceed forward around the central help desk, turning right, where clear signage directs you to the Brown Ramp and Limo Lot at the front right corner. Ascend the escalator to promptly meet your chauffeur.

Exit the security checkpoint, choosing either 1 or 2.
For those with luggage, descend the escalators to Level 1 to retrieve your bags.

Afterward, you can either return to Security Checkpoint 2 and access the skyway leading to the purple parking ramp or exit at Door 6 for direct access to the limo area. When utilizing the skyway, upon entering the lot, utilize the elevators on your right to return to ground level. Follow the signage to the Ground Transportation Center, where your chauffeur awaits.

Eating and Drinking Questions


At Loon Limo, your comfort and convenience take center stage in our travel experience. Recognizing the value of your time and the need for multitasking during your journey, we've designed our vehicles to allow you to indulge in your food and beverages on board in most cases. This feature empowers you to make the most of your time, enabling task completion while on the move. It's important to be aware, though, that certain vehicles do have restrictions where food consumption is not permitted.

In addition to seamlessly meeting your luggage requirements, we go the extra mile to personalize your transportation experience. If you have special requests, such as arranging a specific order, coffee, or lunch to be waiting for you in the vehicle, kindly inform us through the reservation form or by consulting with our staff. Recognizing the constraints of your busy schedule, we offer the convenience of making purchases on your behalf and incorporating them into your reservation total. It's important to note that we are unable to procure alcoholic beverages for you.

Furthermore, please be mindful that charges for these additional services commence when travel begins. Therefore, if you request a stop to make purchases, charges will initiate at that point and continue until the conclusion of your transportation services. Elevate your travel experience with our personalized and convenient add-on options.